• Te Rerenga - The Pathway Paki Series 3 - The Treaty of Waitangi
    Series three follows the events leading up to, during and following the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. This is New Zealand’s untold story. ISBN: 978-0-9941396-1-0  
  • Series two traces some of the extraordinary efforts made by both missionaries and Māori to resolve conflicts in the early years of our bicultural history. In this series, children will learn about people, both Māori and Pākehā, who attempted to live by the most selfless of standards even in the midst of very difficult circumstances.  Each story has been checked by known historians and relevant Iwi. As a point of interest, in these stories children will discover how many Māori embraced Christian values (including forgiveness and peace) at a level that was far higher than that of the colonial armies and those settlers who oppressed them. This is New Zealand’s untold story. ISBN: 978-0-9941085-4-8  
  • A series with no comparison, the Chronicles of Paki — NZ's Untold Story, takes New Zealand back in time 200 years. Each story has been checked by known historians and the relevant Iwi. Learn about the relationship forged between two incredibly different cultures — European and Māori. Read about the hardships and determination of the first missionaries who came to New Zealand. Hear about the positive change that came to Māori as they embraced the missionary message they had invited to come here. Find out about the mistakes that were made and the victories that were won as missionaries tried to do good, while traders tried to make profits, while settlers sought a better life — while Maori were ironically turning away from tribal warfare towards a new way of peace. This is New Zealand’s untold story. ISBN: 978-0-9922571-8-7

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